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UK IP Telephony Market to 2025 - Regional Analysis and Forecasts by Component (Hardware, Software, and Services), Hardware (IP Desktop Phones, DECT Phones, and IP Conference Phones); Installation Type (Wired and Wireless): Enterprise Size (SME and Large Enterprises) End Users (Residential, Corporate and Governmental Organization)

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The UK IP Telephony market accounted for US$ 1.50 Bn in 2017 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 8.1% to account for US$ 2.74 Bn by 2025.


The government of UK focuses in the advancement business case for the future infrastructure investment by way of taking initiatives, such as the Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund, Local Full Fiber Networks programme, and business rates relief for fiber networks.


In the year 2016, the UK telecom sector had generated approx. £35.6bn in revenue and also registered substantial growth in the subsequent years. This growth in the UK telecom industry was majorly attributed to the burgeoning adoption of superfast broadband services. Furthermore, the strong regulatory system in UK in regards with internet telephony, and as the country recognizes internet access as a vital need for the citizens and focus on thorough execution of regulation is expected to emphasis on the extension of broadband infrastructure and coverage to rural areas. The trend is expected to have a significant impact on the IP telephony market in UK, as improvements in the broadband infrastructure would enable the enterprises to adopt IP telephony systems widely, because it would not only leverage its global connectivity capabilities but also enable the companies to reduce their operating cost related to international communication, which was higher when performed using fixed cable lines.


UK IP Telephony Market By Revenue (US$ Bn)


UK IP Telephony Market - Market Insights

The rise in demand for advanced internet facilities across business corporate

The IP phones system lays the foundation for technological advancements in organizations by synchronizing a wide range of communication and collaborations tools; also they enable the organizations to integrate with their key business applications at a broader aspect. With the help of unification of numerous locations amid a business firm, for instance, the unification of itinerant workers under a single congregated network, the IP telephony offers flexible and advanced features for the communication process. The ability of the IP telephony to provide its users with seamless connectivity across the globe with minimal disruptions enables the organizations to enhance their performance and elevate their profitability.


Implementation of 5G technology to provide numerous profitable opportunity for IP telephony provider

As the 5G internet standards gain its momentum in the global market, the IP telephony market will have the opportunity to offer enhanced communication quality. This would also help the IP telephony providers to expand their product portfolio and invest into more advanced technologies for the enhancement of their services.


UK IP Telephony Market – Component Insights

The IP telephony market is categorized on the basis of components as hardware, softphones, and services. All these components permit the enterprises of all size to opt for efficient IP telephony to meet their requirements. The growing advancement in technology, better internet infrastructures, and deployment of cloud computing across various industries, the acceptance of IP telephony over ISDN is developing the digital ecosystem and fostering high growth of data.


UK IP Telephony Market - Hardware Insights

The IP telephony market is classified on the basis of hardware such as IP Desktop phone, IP Conference Phone, and DECT Phone. The demand variety of IP telephony, as per the requirement of the corporate, residential, as well as government customers is growing as the adoption of advanced technologies in these industries is increasing. All these types of IP telephony are being deployed for audio and video conferencing, auto attendant, voice messaging, mobility, contact center, and so on. 


UK IP Telephony Market - Installation Insights

The IP telephony market by installation has been segmented into wired and wireless IP telephony. Use of wireless IP telephony is comparatively more than wired IP telephony, due to its ease of installation, portability, and maintenance. Installation of IP telephony system depends upon the feasibility, cost, and internet infrastructure of the companies. These factors play a vital role responsible for higher performance.


UK IP Telephony Market – Enterprise Size Insights

The UK IP telephony Market by enterprise size has been segmented into small & medium enterprises and large enterprises. The IP telephony systems are used by various industries and verticals depending on their need and location. Reference to small and medium enterprises is based on the number of employees, the annual turnover of organizations, and other factors of the organization. The revenue contribution in IP telephony by large enterprises is high, and SMEs are expected to grow at the highest CAGR. As the use of IP telephone is high due to the increase in the number of industries and better internet connectivity.


UK IP Telephony Market – End-user Insights

The Banking and Financial Services (BFSI) companies across the globe have been facing aggressive competition and persistent pressures to meet the increasing demand for improving operational efficiency, and make the most of enterprise the benefits. Amidst the several operational costs, costly long distance call charges within branches and offices account for a major portion. In the meantime, The BFSI companies are also looking into the new potential methods to improve client relationships efficiently. Rising demand for a user-friendly and feature-rich telephone system enhancing customer experience is expected to fuel the growth of IP telephony in the BFSI sector across the UK region.


UK IP Telephony Market Revenue by End-user (USD Mn)


UK IP Telephony Market - Strategic Insights

Market Initiatives was observed as the most adopted strategy in the UK IP Telephony Market. Few of the recent market initiatives are listed below;


2018: Avaya Holdings Corp. announced that it is working with digital technology provider Pixcom Technologies to bring cutting-edge unified communications and contact center solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UAE.


2017: Avaya announced A.I.Connect Initiative technology in contact centers and unified communications to deliver more engaging experiences for their own end customers, enhancing and integrating workflows with smarter, more personalized interactions through the use of AI and machine learning technologies.


2015: Mitel Networks Corporation acquired Mavenir Systems. With this acquisition, Mitel became a global leader in converged IP communications for enterprises, service providers and mobile operators. Moreover it facilitated to solidify comprehensive portfolio of unified communications (UCC) and rich communications services (RCS) across fixed and mobile environments. Thus, expanding Mitel’s addressable market and capitalizes on Voice over LTE (VoLTE) as mobile carriers make the move to all IP and 4G services.



UK IP Telephony Market – By Component

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Service

UK IP Telephony Market – By Hardware    

  • IP Desktop Phone
  • IP Conference Phone
  • DECT Phone
  • Others


UK IP Telephony Market - By Installation

  • Wired
  • Wireless


UK IP Telephony Market - By Organization Size

  • Small & Medium Enterprise
  • Large Enterprise


UK IP Telephony Market - By End-user

  • Residential
  • Corporates
  • Governement


UK IP Telephony Market - Company Profiles

  • Avaya Inc.
  • Mitel Networks Corporation
  • NEC Corporation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Yealink Inc.
  • Toshiba Corporation
  • Ascom Holding AG
  • Polycom, Inc.
  • Unify Software And Solutions GmbH & Co. KG


1.             INTRODUCTION

1.1       Scope of the Study

2.             IP Telephony market – key industry dynamics

2.1       Key Market Drivers

2.1.1        Influence of advancing internet facilities in the market

2.1.2        Rising Importance of effective communication in corporate ecosystem

2.1.3        The cost effectiveness of the IP telephony is driving its adoption

2.1.4        Widespread availability of integration support and migration strategies

2.1.5        Potential to enhance the quality of customer support and service

2.2       key market REstraints

2.2.1        Security concerns with respect to increasing cyber crime

2.2.2        Issues with emergency calling facility

2.2.3        The reliability of IP Telephony over the external power source and internet connectivity might impact its growth

2.3       key market Opportunities

2.3.1        The ISDN Switch off coupled with expanding growth of SMEs to provide a noteworthy growth opportunity in the coming years

2.3.2        Inception of 5G to provide growth benefits to both IP telephony operators as well as device manufacturers

2.4       Future trend

2.4.1        Companies in the IP Telephony value chain would tap onto the opportunities provided by the new GDPR regulation

2.5       Impact analysis of drivers & restraints

3.             IP Telephony market – U.K analysis

3.1       Overview

3.2       U.K IP Telephony Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

4.             U.K IP Telephony market revenue and forecasts to 2025 – Component

4.1       Overview

4.2       U.K IP Telephony Market Breakdown, By component, 2017 & 2025

4.3       hardware market

4.3.1        Overview

4.3.2        Hardware Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

4.4       software market

4.4.1        Overview

4.4.2        Software Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

4.5       Services market

4.5.1        Overview

4.5.2        Services Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

5.             ip telephony Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 – By hardware

5.1       Overview

5.2       IP telephony Market Breakdown, By hardware, 2017 & 2025

5.3       IP Desktop phone market

5.3.1        Overview

5.3.2        IP Desktop Phone Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

5.4       IP Conference Phone market

5.4.1        Overview

5.4.2        IP Conference Phone Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

5.5       DECT Phone market

5.5.1        Overview

5.5.2        DECT Phone Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

5.6       Others market

5.6.1        Overview

5.6.2        Others Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

6.             IP Telephony market revenue and forecasts to 2025 – Installation

6.1       Overview

6.2       IP telephony Market Breakdown, By Installation, 2017 & 2025

6.3       Wired

6.3.1        Overview

6.3.2        Wired Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

6.4       wireless

6.4.1        Overview

6.4.2        Wireless Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

7.             IP Telephony market revenue and forecasts to 2025 – enterprise size

7.1       Overview

7.2       IP telephony Market Breakdown, By enterprise size, 2017 & 2025

7.3       Small and medium enterprises Market

7.3.1        Overview

7.3.2        Small and Medium Enterprises Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

7.4       Large Enterprise

7.4.1        Overview

7.4.2        Large Enterprise Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

8.             IP Telephony market revenue and forecasts to 2025 – End User

8.1       Overview

8.2       IP telephony Market Breakdown, By end user, 2017 & 2025

8.3       Residential

8.3.1        Overview

8.3.2        Residential Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

8.4       Corporate

8.4.1        Overview

8.4.2        Corporate Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

8.5       Government Organization

8.5.1        Overview

8.5.2        Government Organization Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

9.             UK IP Telephony Market – Key COMPANY PROFILES

9.1       Avaya INC.

9.1.1        Key Facts

9.1.2        Business Description

9.1.3        Financial Overview

9.1.4        SWOT Analysis

9.1.5        Key Developments

9.2       Mitel Networks Corporation

9.2.1        Key Facts

9.2.2        Business Description

9.2.3        Financial Overview

9.2.4        SWOT Analysis

9.2.5        Key Developments

9.3       NEc corporation

9.3.1        Key Facts

9.3.2        Business Description

9.3.3        Financial Overview

9.3.4        SWOT Analysis

9.3.5        Key Developments


9.4.1        Key Facts

9.4.2        Business Description

9.4.3        Financial Overview

9.4.4        SWOT Analysis

9.4.5        Key Developments

9.5       Cisco Systems, Inc.

9.5.1        Key Facts

9.5.2        Business Description

9.5.3        Financial Overview

9.5.4        SWOT Analysis

9.5.5        Key Developments

9.6       panasonic corporation

9.6.1        Key Facts

9.6.2        Business Description

9.6.3        Financial Overview

9.6.4        SWOT Analysis

9.6.5        Key Developments

9.7       Yealink INC.

9.7.1        Key Facts

9.7.2        Business Description

9.7.3        Financial Overview

9.7.4        SWOT Analysis

9.7.5        Key Developments

9.8       Toshiba corporation

9.8.1        Key Facts

9.8.2        Business Description

9.8.3        Financial Overview

9.8.4        SWOT Analysis

9.8.5        Key Developments

9.9       Ascom Holding AG

9.9.1        Key Facts

9.9.2        Business Description

9.9.3        Financial Overview

9.9.4        SWOT Analysis

9.9.5        Key Developments

9.10    Polycom, Inc.

9.10.1     Key Facts

9.10.2     Business Description

9.10.3     Financial Overview

9.10.4     SWOT Analysis

9.10.5     Key Developments

9.11    Unify Software and Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

9.11.1     Key Facts

9.11.2     Business Description

9.11.3     Financial Overview

9.11.4     SWOT Analysis

9.11.5     Key Developments

9.12    Samsung electronics Co., Ltd.

9.12.1     Key Facts

9.12.2     Business Description

9.12.3     Financial Overview

9.12.4     SWOT Analysis

9.12.5     Key Developments

10.          Appendix

10.1    About The Insight Partners

10.2    Glossary of Terms

10.3    Methodology

10.3.1     Coverage

10.3.2     Secondary Research

10.3.3     Primary Research

list of tables

TABLE 1.           Glossary of Term: IP Telephony Market

list of figures

FIGURE 1.        Impact Analysis of DRivers and restraints

FIGURE 2.        Global IP telephony Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ mn)

FIGURE 3.        U.K IP telephony Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

FIGURE 4.        IP telephony Market Breakdown, By Component, 2017 & 2025 (%)

FIGURE 5.        U.K Hardware Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

FIGURE 6.        U.K Software Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ MN)

FIGURE 7.        U.K services Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ MN)

FIGURE 8.        U.K IP telephony Market Breakdown, By hardware, 2017 & 2025 (%)

FIGURE 9.        U.K IP Desktop phone Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ MN)

FIGURE 10.     U.K IP Conference Phone Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ MN)

FIGURE 11.     U.K DECT Phone Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ MN)

FIGURE 12.     U.K Others Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ MN)

FIGURE 13.     U K. ip telephony Market Breakdown, By installation, 2017 & 2025 (%)

FIGURE 14.     U.K Wired Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

FIGURE 15.     U.K wireless Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

FIGURE 16.     U.K ip telephony Market Breakdown, By enterprise size, 2017 & 2025 (%)

FIGURE 17.     U.K sme Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

FIGURE 18.     U.K Large Enterprise Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

FIGURE 19.     U.K ip telephony Market Breakdown, By end user, 2017 & 2025 (%)

FIGURE 20.     U.K residential Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

FIGURE 21.     U.K Corporate Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)

FIGURE 22.     U.K Government Organization Market Revenue and Forecasts to 2025 (US$ Mn)


The List of Companies

  1. Avaya Inc.
  2. Mitel Networks Corporation
  3. NEC Corporation
  4. Microsoft Corporation
  5. Cisco Systems, Inc.
  6. Panasonic Corporation
  7. Yealink Inc.
  8. Toshiba Corporation
  9. Ascom Holding AG
  10. Polycom, Inc.
  11. Unify Software And Solutions GmbH & Co. KG
  • Save and reduce time carrying out entry-level research by identifying the growth, size, leading players and segments in the UK IP telephony market.

  • Highlights key business priorities in order to assist companies to realign their business strategies.

  • The key findings and recommendations highlight crucial progressive industry trends in the IP Telephony market, thereby allowing players across the value chain to develop effective long term strategies.

  • Develop/modify business expansion plans by using substantial growth offering developed and emerging markets.

  • Scrutinize in-depth global market trends and outlook coupled with the factors driving the market, as well as those hindering it.

  • Enhance the decision-making process by understanding the strategies that underpin commercial interest with respect to client products, segmentation, pricing and distribution.

  • Examine the political, economic, social and technology impact of the UK region.


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